Are you ready for The Scottish rate of Income Tax?

People in Scotland are talking about only one thing because it kinda affects them and their lives a lot. We are talking about the taxation system that will be changed for these residents of UK. In case that you are from Scotland, then you have most likely already heard that you will have to pay two separate and different types of income tax for your non-savings income. This is a news that upset a lot of individuals who are from this region because it will affect their lives significantly. This type of change will affect a lot of people, not just employers and employees.


If you are an employer, then you will first start seeing these changes in the PAYE procedures if some of your employees are classified as a Scottish taxpayer. Therefore, even if you are not a Scottish employer, you will have to deal with this change because it only takes one employee to be a Scottish taxpayer.

Inform Yourself

In order to prepare for a change like this, you as a business owner don’t have a lot of great options to choose from. However, if you don’t do something about this, then you will suffer. The best thing is to inform yourself about these changes. You will have to start learning about these taxes all over again just to understand the new procedure and some people are just not ready yet. Well, if you think that you cannot do this by yourself, then we suggest that you get some professional help. As a business owner, you can easily hire a business lawyer to help you out with these tax changes in the beginning, after all, they are professionals who know everything about financing and paying taxes.


The one bad thing about this will be that you will need to spend your money to hire this lawyer and some business owners especially who have just started, don’t have that kind of money just to throw out. however, that is the first reason why you should have some savings put aside for situations that are just like this when you must rely on professional help. Other than professional help from a lawyer, you can get help from the internet, but we still recommend hiring a lawyer because the information that he gives you is much more valuable. Things that you find online can be true, but not all the time.